Camping with man’s best friend

The summer was almost over, for me that meant that it was the middle of August (in my mind when September comes it is already fall). I had yet to take my 10 days of summer leave from the office and I was wondering what my options were. I actually had quite a lot of them, I could go to a summer house on the beach that several of my friends had rented, I could go canoeing with some of my college buddies, I could stay home and do nothing but watch movies and play games or go on a fishing trip with my brother-in-law but in the end decided to try something new.

This year for a change I decided to go on a camping trip. I didn’t feel inclined to ask if anybody wanted to come with me. I really felt like I was due for some time for reflection and what better places for inner gazing than next to the fire in the woods with your back to your tent.

This time I decided to take my dog Jingle. He is a 3 year old English Shepherd and I felt bad for leaving him with friends for all my other summer leaves and business trips so this was my chance to make it up to him.

I packed everything I needed for several days in the woods. Batteries for my electronic cigarette and my now antiquated CD player, matches, clothes, mosquito repellents, his traveling kennel (just in case he was getting restless) etc. I did my shopping for food supplies in a supermarket that was conveniently on my way out of the city and get on with the several hours drive to my destination.

I was a bit worried about Jingle, because it was his first time in a real wild forest, but my fears evaporated when we set foot (and paws) on the trail that was going to lead is to our destination. At first he was a bit suspicious towards the surroundings but afterwards he got really excited and happy with the whole situation.

Everything was going according to plan when something unexpected happened. As we were walking suddenly Jingle stopped and then sprang in the nearby bushes and after no more than 3 minutes, in which I was running after him, a painful yowl echoed among the woods. I was worried sick but the situation became clear as I saw him trying to cover his nose and eyes with his paws. Three steps later I could also smell him. Jingle has had a painful and smelly first encounter with a skunk.

Because of that I had to cut my planned camping short. The drive home was not so pleasant although all the windows were down. In the end Jingle was fine although with bruised dignity. Afterwards I decided to spend my holiday home: playing games, watching movies and keeping my dog away from my bed.

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A string of bad luck

Do you enjoy traveling? Visiting unknown places, seeing unknown sights, tasting and smelling new odors and foods? Feeling completely free with not a care in the world!

Well the last one is not always like that, at least for most people. When I travel there is a constant string of worries and premonitions: where is my wallet, where are my glasses, am I sure I haven’t left anything behind somewhere, did I lock the door and turn the stove off, because of that as long as I care about something I can never be free. I am anchored with a thick rope to my everyday life; well at least usually this is the case.
But once I decided to take a gamble.

The week had been really long and tiring and I was nearing the limit of my strength. I spent Thursday night in the apartment of a friend who had just returned from hiking throughout Europe. Her stories really inspired me to take some action, to “go traveling” and do something different! So on the next morning I called my boss told him I was sick, went home for a quick change of clothes and went to the train station to hop on the first train going somewhere, anywhere!

…It was a complete disaster. While I was standing in line for tickets I met my boss’ wife…yeah imagine how that went next time I went to work. 30 minutes after I bought my tickets I somehow managed to lose them, when I was looking on the ground for them, my glasses fell off my face and I stepped on them, completely shattering them. So here I am, my cover from my boss completely blown, the pieces from my glasses lying on my lap, no tickets and in the foulest of moods. So I decided to scrap the plans for road trip and to go home, order some pizza and try salvage an already awful Friday.

Somewhere halfway back to my place I decided that I badly needed a smoke, so I went into a tobacco store pointed at a box of cigarettes and said I was going to pay using my credit card. Imagine my surprise when I stretched my hand and instead of a box of cigarettes I received an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit which cost my already strained bank account several hundred dollars more(My eyesight is really bad).

Overall I ended up paying more than several hundred dollars, didn’t go anywhere, my boss found out about my ruse and I have vowed never to even try traveling by train again. The Only positive thing is that now I do not smoke, I just use electronic cigarettes. After all: every cloud has its silver lining.

Compulsions and addictions and how I overcome them

If you had to pick a name for the book of my life it would be:  Compulsions and addictions. My life has been characterized by these 2 simple words, since as long as I could remember.  The essence of both of these words has brought me a lot of grief but I can’t seem to help it when I get the urge to act. It didn’t matter if it was collecting cards for a game inspired by a famous anime or drinking, smoking and on a later date playing a MMORPG for days without stopping (which almost cost my scholarship in college).

Some time ago I got hold over my compulsions. I cut down on smoking, stopped playing games on the internet; stopped drinking as much and for a while it seemed I was getting better. In retrospect I think this period in my life was directly under the orchestration and influence of my now ex girlfriend. She was a wonder and a joy, a stabilizing influence in my otherwise chaotic and hectic life. But it didn’t last long. She was offered a better job too far away for us to keep the semblance of a normal relationship. We broke up and probably as a result 2 weeks later I was back on the wagon.

Please do not get me wrong. I admit I was a total mess, but I had a job at which I was very good. I even got promoted and I was and still am making a fairly decent living. But my personal life… or if we want to be more precise the lack of it due to my lifestyle was literally killing me.

The wakeup call came under the form of a mild heart attack. Well the doctors called it mild, in truth it scared me stiff like nothing ever has. I had to make some changes about my choice of life otherwise I wouldn’t even have that option.

So at first I cleaned my apartment from all the junk food, then bough a card for the gym. After a week I stopped smoking normal cigarettes and turned towards electronic smokeless cigarettes. No smoke in the ecig ergo no harm for me. I bought a ProVari from ProVape, probably the best brand out there. It’s a great device and I feel much better using it.

I didn’t stop there, after a month or so, on my new regime I decided that I need more discipline so I started studying martial arts. I can’t call myself a martial artist. I am but a novice but training Krav Maga gave me a firm foundation to which I can always return.

Now, my life is obviously different. And my ex-girlfriend is being promoted back here in NYC, she is still single so am I. And things are looking bright for me. I can only hope that my lucky star will continue to shine.

Even Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

As long as I could remember my father was an avid smoker.  One of my earliest memories as a child is on a warm summer’s night my father sitting on the porch, and only made visible by the red dot of his light cigarette. Over the years, my father and “his cigarettes”, as my mother calls his constant need to have a pack of cigarettes in arms reach, have turned into a constant nagging battle between my father and my mother.  Well according to her she wasn’t nagging him she was “advising” him.  If you have asked my father, his opinion was that she “has always turned the sweet things in life into bitter difficulty so let her nag, I will continue smoking”. Yes you got my drift.

Sometimes I think they were arguing about that topic only because they were looking for excuse to argue. Anyway, my father kept on smoking and my mother kept on “advising” him.  As you could imagine as the years progressed my father’s health wasn’t getting any better. This in turn was most probably the cause of a heart-attack that gave us a real scare. The doctors were adamant my father had to give up smoking or they would be seeing him soon again.

With the choices put in front of him in that way he decided to go ahead with it and stop smoking. It was very difficult for him. He tried almost every possible substitute of smoking. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, eating carrots even acupuncture. And he was miserable, none of the above seemed to work for him and you could feel it. He wasn’t exactly the same person, not surprisingly he was more grumpy, intense and restless. Giving up his defining lifelong habit was bound to have an effect on him and it surely did.

After some consideration I decided to look for a way to help my father. And what I, what almost immediately, found was a new (at the time) product called water vapor cigarettes or electronic smokeless cigarettes. I wasn’t sure it would work. But the general feedback was positive so I bought one for my father. At first he approached the idea with suspicion. Even my mother didn’t like it, because she thought that the ecig would bring him back to smoking real cigarettes. Well things turned up just perfectly. After several days my father loved his new ProVari E-cig, my mother was happy, and for that matter I was happy too.


A Prank Too Much

Most of us have at one time or another had a roommate. It may have been a younger or an older brother. One of the several guys (or girls) you shared room with during summer camp, your college roommate or later in life a flat mate or a girlfriend. There are many possible conflict points when you live with someone. Sometimes a huge fight might erupt over something as simple as stepping on peanut on the carpet or listening to music in 2 am. Living with someone could be a real bother but also it can be fun, especially if you get along well.

So I will tell you a part of my story. I have been living with my best friend for 5 years now. First we shared room in college and after that a flat in New York City. At times it was inconvenient (especially in college when one of us would bring a girl in and the other had to go to sleep somewhere else), but in general it was fun and much better than living all alone. The only really big problem was and still is pranking. After my first big college party, thanks to my roommate, I ended up with a huge “Psychology of Men” stuck to my right cheek with superglue. Two weeks later I got back at him by painting one of his eyebrows bright red and shaving the other off. This went on and off with big periods of relative calm in between.

We were in the middle of such a period now but things changed as we started going to self defense training. After some reasoning I started going to Krav Maga classes and two weeks in the training I was joined by my best friend aka my roommate. As months passed we were progressing in our training and we started to feel more confident. One of the things that Krav Maga teaches you is how to react and how to make use of your reflexes. Yes you can kind of guess where this is going. We started “just testing” our reflexes with a large variety of practical jokes and pranks. But as things progressed they got a little bit out of hand. I had to change my haircut and then lose all the hair because of his antics, all his clothes were died in pink and he had to go to a doctor to remove a bag of chips from his back (this was actually really hilarious) and so on. One day I got a little overboard. I placed a high pressure pillow under his couch cushion that was supposed just to throw him off to the ground and startle him. Well things didn’t go exactly as planned and now Johnny has to spend the next few weeks face down because his butt is a mess. So if you ever go into a war with your roommate just try not to go overboard with the pranks, it could be really dangerous.

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Krav Maga – The Israeli Wave

We are all more or less familiar with the diverse world of the martial arts. Karate, Kung-Fu, kickboxing, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu they have all been a major part in one blockbusting movie or another. Millions of people have flocked to the movie theaters to watch Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and a whole myriad of action heroes to mop the floor with the bad guys using some of the martial arts mention above. But in the last 20 or so years there has been a new wave among the different combat systems that has started gaining followers among all the corners of the world. I am talking about Krav Maga and it is here to stay. Krav Maga was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld who was the Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga in the Israeli Defense Force School of Combat Fitness. Its name literally means “contact combat” in Hebrew. It is used extensively by the Israeli Army, Mossad and for a number of years now from the CIA, FBA and other law enforcement agencies in the US and several other countries. Krav Maga’s philosophy emphasizes on aggression and efficient and quick elimination of all threats. The most basic principle of this combat system is finishing the fight as quickly as possible and therefore all the attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body. Another key feature that sets apart Krav Maga from the rest of the martial arts crowd is the use that is put in the surroundings of the practitioners. Anything can be and it is used as a weapon. Major part of the training includes training of punches, low kicks, throws and takedowns, ground fighting, many different defense techniques, gun, knife and club defenses. Because its practicality and focus on real life events Krav Maga is becoming more and more popular among bodyguards, law enforcement officers, and the general public. Krav Maga schools are appearing almost everywhere on the globe and more and more people are taking up Krav Maga training. Big part of the popularity of the martial art is due to the work of organizations like the European Federation of Krav Maga, IKMF, KMG and to its featuring in movies, TV series and video games. Another important reason for its popularity is the fact that it is used extensively by organizations that had grown to be household names like the CIA, FBI or Mossad. Whatever the reasons for its ever more rising popularity Krav Maga has joined and it is a worthy member of the family of the martial arts.

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How things change

Nowadays in our quick and hectic days we rarely take a minute of our time to think about the most simple things which had become and integral part of our lives. Lets take the simple activity of shaving. Most men take no more than 10 minutes a day of their time “sacrificing” time and sometimes even blood on the altar of good looks. We don’t even think how these things started.

Razors were first invented in Ancient Egypt. There barbers were important figures and served as priests and doctors. The Romans took the habit of shaving from the Greek colonies that dotted the Italian coast. There going to the barbershop was part of their daily life and as important as going to the bar for us. One of the most important trials of passage in the life of a young Roman was his first shave, this was an integral part of the coming of age ceremony. Some of the barbers became wealthy and influential people owning barber shops on important locations and serving the high society. Actually the word barber comes from Latin: barba – beard.

In the Middle Ages barbers would often serve as surgeons and tooth extractors.  From that period originates the now famous and iconic barber’s pole. In the Medieval Europe, people believed that diseases and sickness were cause by bad blood. So the practice of bloodletting and leeching started. And the red and white pole is the historic representation of bloody bandages wrapped around a pole. The first such signs appeared in France and from there spread around Europe. In the US the poles have red, white and blue as a patriotic sign.

The British navy first changed the notion that barbers and surgeons were the same though in the beginning the only thing that could qualify you as a surgeon was owning a sharp blade. The barbers have gone a long way from there. The started only making men’s haircut and shaving. And from working right on the streets in front of a crowd that had come to see a tooth extraction now there are barbershops. Although in many places in the world barbers still do their job directly on the street, with the help only of a razor, scissors and a comb.

So next time when you are walking in New York and go by a  upper east side barber thing about how things have progressed. From priests, socialites and  surgeons to owners of posh places when a man goes for a haircut and a talk.

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Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

If someone were to ask me which happens to be the most interesting metropolis in the world, the place where I would like to live, I would respond without doubt : New York! As a kid who grew up in a village on the West coast, New York City has always impressed me. I have lived in the Bay Region, and awhile in Seattle, but as i got a proposal for a job in New York I took the deal instantaneously. The best part was that this job offer came just when I was in despairing need of work, because I was completely broke.

In my home town we had never had such troubles and in the places I lived in after that the trouble never seem to take place, naturally I had friends that had issues with bedbug but I never did actually record that this might happen to me.  Things were evolving in the ideal way, what I didn’t know then was that New York was the most bedbug infested metropolis in the entire World. Anyway I went to New York I found a decent inexpensive flat, and I even went about getting a very good deal for a mattress, a table and some chairs, they were just laying on the sidewalk and I took them home, that wasn’t a very good thought in the long twist but I was pretty pleased my ingenuity and fate.

Fortnight after I acquired the roofless mattress I began getting skins rash on my arms. When I went to see a physician he counseled me to search for blood spots on my bed or beds sheet because this was a telltale mark of bedbugs and this is what almost certainly was the explanation for the skin rash. I went home and I really found such material. Instantly I look for bedbugs eradicators in New York (Google is actually a life saver). It turned out that the best way of exterminate bedbugs is heat treatment. The guys from the firm came. Looked around the flat and asked me some questions, well as it is it turned out that taking some home furnishings wasn’t a very reasonable strategy at this time although it is something such as a custom in New York. I would counsel if you found some piece of furniture on the pavement just waiting to be picked up if you take it just be sure that before getting into your home it goes trough heat treatments for bed bugs.  After a workweek in which I was on a business trip and a hefty amount my bedbug trouble was solved.

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How is Search Engine Optimization related to Event Marketing

Our Search Engine Optimization strategies include immensely different strata of involution, so that the style of plan is significantly a custom design and custom approach, but overall the goal is always the same : draw in more potential customers, win more consumers, and make extra cash!

The world of commercialism has acquired many commercial enterprise insider secrets and tips to advertise products or services. When we talk about marketing, it is full of dynamical conflicts in each subject area. Event Marketing can be described as planned methodology in which corps learn more associated with a all eyes on them sort of buyer interaction. This is done through press conferences, promotional events, fashion shows, and other types events ; if professional or personal.

Audiences don’t usually associate Search Engine Optimization with Events but there has been, in point of fact, a immense need for pre-event promotional ad and customer vender directing. A campaign that takes into account a consumers seek model for info several months down the line isn’t your regular Event Marketing technique, but boy does it make a difference.

This not merely clues in visitors in regards to what is about to take place, but this unfolds the doorways a number of conversations which is had with regional enterprises, owners, sponsors, and industry-reps about event engagement. If people discovered you without you having to understand them, well isn’t that the whole point of bright marketing?!

Search Engine Optimization of a really micro-site or Facebook Event Page is very complex in its temperament. The idealistic first stepping stone is examine what keyword phrase amalgamation are the more befitting the type of participation at hand. The Keyword Instrument within Google’s Webmaster menus can be a outstanding terminus a quo to narrow down the marketing way that you might take. Some key phrases have a higher competition valuation yet others are simply easy as pie.

Variable form of links need to be made at the off-page optimization level that permits the actual result actually take hold on Google soon enough for the event to beam. The advice could be to make and method a micro-site or Facebook Event Page about two calendars month just before when the event is going to be taking place and so hard optimizing low-competition keywords and phrases to make more attention during the carrying into action itself.

Many times consumers are searching for what to do the sort of occurrences and if you have an amazing product advertising campaign taking place in a densely populated geographical region, then you definitely can plan to purchase the essence Social Media and SEO strategies to grab viewers looking for such terms as Miami Events in Dec by concentrating on foresight into what people would be seeking early.

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How i quit smoking

Smoking is also one of a typical things I cant get by without. Smoking is unhealthy for you and it will likewise put you in an early grave. Now I stepped into the new age smoking tobaccoless cigarette.

I no more pant as i walk quick and I am probably within my best form since I was in senior high. I can smoke everywhere I no more have that finite smell of fume and dim places. Some history to my story. In my household the only person that wasnt a tobacco user was the family pet, but this is a little disputable because my father had learnt it to hold a cigarette in its mouth and walk around with it.But that wasnt the circumstance before I switched traditional cigs and proceed to purchase e-Cig.

My mom was going through the packs with the spread of a road runner and my father was like an works, puffing at least 2 packs a day. My big sister was the an individual that showed me how to light a cigarette when the wind is blowing and I am outside and my big brother learnt me how to circles with smoke.

When I went to college I had been a die hard tobacco user. I was so strung out that once when we went boosting with my quakers and in the centre of nowhere we operated out of fags I was the first one to try fuming some of the tea we were carrying (it wasnt a very good idea).

Now you get the point. Everything altered several years ago. My dad died of lung cancer. The mds said it was a miracle that he had dealt to carry on living normally with such an advanced form of caner. His decease made the whole family to pass through medical exam. Thanks Divinity no one had malignant neoplastic disease but we were all suffering from the effects of long term use of coffins nail and inhaling the fag smoke.

My sis was the primary one to give in cigars and it seemed previously it was very easygoing.I kept on smoke until I had a stay in the hospital due to coughing blood and bronchial pneumonia generally. I said to myself ok if it is that easy I can do it too, some day. That day didn’t come for the subsequent 2 years.

My brother and my female parent gave up smoke too. I really had to stop and I looked at my options and the best one were Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes. I purchased one from, try it, liked it, now I am better and I haven’t changed my life style a little.

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