Even Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

As long as I could remember my father was an avid smoker.  One of my earliest memories as a child is on a warm summer’s night my father sitting on the porch, and only made visible by the red dot of his light cigarette. Over the years, my father and “his cigarettes”, as my mother calls his constant need to have a pack of cigarettes in arms reach, have turned into a constant nagging battle between my father and my mother.  Well according to her she wasn’t nagging him she was “advising” him.  If you have asked my father, his opinion was that she “has always turned the sweet things in life into bitter difficulty so let her nag, I will continue smoking”. Yes you got my drift.

Sometimes I think they were arguing about that topic only because they were looking for excuse to argue. Anyway, my father kept on smoking and my mother kept on “advising” him.  As you could imagine as the years progressed my father’s health wasn’t getting any better. This in turn was most probably the cause of a heart-attack that gave us a real scare. The doctors were adamant my father had to give up smoking or they would be seeing him soon again.

With the choices put in front of him in that way he decided to go ahead with it and stop smoking. It was very difficult for him. He tried almost every possible substitute of smoking. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, eating carrots even acupuncture. And he was miserable, none of the above seemed to work for him and you could feel it. He wasn’t exactly the same person, not surprisingly he was more grumpy, intense and restless. Giving up his defining lifelong habit was bound to have an effect on him and it surely did.

After some consideration I decided to look for a way to help my father. And what I, what almost immediately, found was a new (at the time) product called water vapor cigarettes or electronic smokeless cigarettes. I wasn’t sure it would work. But the general feedback was positive so I bought one for my father. At first he approached the idea with suspicion. Even my mother didn’t like it, because she thought that the ecig would bring him back to smoking real cigarettes. Well things turned up just perfectly. After several days my father loved his new ProVari E-cig, my mother was happy, and for that matter I was happy too.


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