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A string of bad luck

Do you enjoy traveling? Visiting unknown places, seeing unknown sights, tasting and smelling new odors and foods? Feeling completely free with not a care in the world!

Well the last one is not always like that, at least for most people. When I travel there is a constant string of worries and premonitions: where is my wallet, where are my glasses, am I sure I haven’t left anything behind somewhere, did I lock the door and turn the stove off, because of that as long as I care about something I can never be free. I am anchored with a thick rope to my everyday life; well at least usually this is the case.
But once I decided to take a gamble.

The week had been really long and tiring and I was nearing the limit of my strength. I spent Thursday night in the apartment of a friend who had just returned from hiking throughout Europe. Her stories really inspired me to take some action, to “go traveling” and do something different! So on the next morning I called my boss told him I was sick, went home for a quick change of clothes and went to the train station to hop on the first train going somewhere, anywhere!

…It was a complete disaster. While I was standing in line for tickets I met my boss’ wife…yeah imagine how that went next time I went to work. 30 minutes after I bought my tickets I somehow managed to lose them, when I was looking on the ground for them, my glasses fell off my face and I stepped on them, completely shattering them. So here I am, my cover from my boss completely blown, the pieces from my glasses lying on my lap, no tickets and in the foulest of moods. So I decided to scrap the plans for road trip and to go home, order some pizza and try salvage an already awful Friday.

Somewhere halfway back to my place I decided that I badly needed a smoke, so I went into a tobacco store pointed at a box of cigarettes and said I was going to pay using my credit card. Imagine my surprise when I stretched my hand and instead of a box of cigarettes I received an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit which cost my already strained bank account several hundred dollars more(My eyesight is really bad).

Overall I ended up paying more than several hundred dollars, didn’t go anywhere, my boss found out about my ruse and I have vowed never to even try traveling by train again. The Only positive thing is that now I do not smoke, I just use electronic cigarettes. After all: every cloud has its silver lining.