My bed bug story

bed bugs factsA year ago I moved with my girlfriend to New York. We found a nice place to live in. The neighborhood was great. Of course we had some problems. With the economy still being in recession we were a bit short on cash, my girlfriend was still looking for a job and we needed to change the couch, because the previous tenants had decided that painting the couch in pink, purple and green was a great idea. To cut some of our expenses we decided to buy the new sofa from a yard sale to which we luckily (or unfortunately as we later found out) stumbled upon several blocks from our flat.
At the beginning everything was all right. I was doing good at work, my girlfriend got a job. But after several weeks the problems began. My girlfriend started getting a rash on her arms. A week after the same thing happened to me. At first we thought it was some kind of food poisoning. We went to the hospital to see a doctor and after the examination confirmed nothing was wrong with us the doctor suggested that maybe we had bed bugs in our flat and that was the reason for the rashes.
We searched online for bed bugs New York. We found out that the best way to find for sure if there were bed bugs in the house is by search dogs, called bed bug dogs, that were trained to sniff them out and only then you could proceed to their total extermination.
We found a company that specialized only in bed bug elimination. By then we had terrible problems with sleeping. By the end of the week the guys from the firm we hired had came with a trained bed bug dog and confirmed that we did have bed bug infestation in our home.They were very handy and fast in their response to our nasty bed bug problem.They also took care of the whole “how to get rid of bed bugs business”. It turned out that the sofa we bought was the origin of the infestation. The conclusion is to buy new furniture if you don’t want to have problems with bed bugs.

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